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His tongue played with mine. His mouth made me feel welcomed. All the shit that's ever happened to me doesn't matter anymore. As soon as his tongue lovingly touched mine, my life was heaven. He licked inside my warm mouth; he kissed me so passionately. The boy in front turned to look at us. He stared in shock. "OH MY GOD, MRS. CRAWFORD? GERARD IS MAKING OUT WITH THE NEW BOY!!!!!!"
We both quickly pulled away and faced the front like nothing even happened. The teacher didn't even turn to check. She just spoke "Stop telling tales."
Gerard mumbled, "I'm so Sorry Frank. It's okay if you hate me..."
I stopped him from continuing by putting my finger lightly on his lips. "Shh". He blushed a cute cherry red color. "Gerard... It's Okay I... I liked it!" I blushed and turned away From him.
Gerard looked at me in shock. He put his warm hand on my knee. "It's okay, Frank." He went to kiss me, but the school bell rang loudly. We both stood up and locked arms. I smiled at him warmly as we walked to lunch. We sat at a small, vandalized table at the back corner. We talked about random things until we finished lunch. I watched him like I was a lion watching its prey. I've only known Gerard about 4 hours and already I have no idea how I would live without him. I remembered the kiss and how we both made out. I felt a blush across my face as i started to giggle.
"Uh… Frankie?"
"WHAT!?!?!?!?" I shouted in shock
"Why are you smiling and giggling like some high school girl, dude?" He looked at me weirdly.
"'Cause I don't feel so unwanted and hated. I feel loved and cared for!" I said with a giant smile on my face.
He looked at me I saw him beginning to smile "That's 'cause you are wanted. You're wanted by me," he said with a wink. I blushed like mad.
All I could think of was the kiss…
"It was so amazing…" I breathed dreamily. WAIT WHY DID I SAY THAT?! OH SHIT
"What was, Frankie?" Gerard looked so confused it was cute.
"N-NOTHINGG IT'S JUST… Uh… my lunch is nice?" I rubbed the back of my head, hoping he wouldn't question what I said.
"Uh… Okay then, Frank," he said. I noticed his eyes were very wide. His sweet eyes watched my every move. A Cherry red blush appeared on both of our pale faces. We stared into each other's eyes for a moment. I wanted to kiss him so badly but i couldn't. The first kiss was forced onto the both of us. This one was gonna be all me. Gerard began to smile warmly, his sweet eyes melting my heart.
Sorry it took so long to type o.O i know its been like 2 months since i did the other one xD uh- im a slow typer!?!!?!?!?!? XD
musicfreaklisa Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2011  Student General Artist
omg Yes! MOARR! :3
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